Poof! Welcome to Your New Super-awesome Wardrobe!

Can't find the right 100% cotton outfit? Or are you just plain tired of the endless hours of searching online? When I first got rid of 90% of my wardrobe and was in pursuit of new 100% cotton pieces to replace everything... it was rough. It was winter and I went to every store in TWO malls and found zero 100% cotton pants. And it wasn't like I didn't enlist the help of the people working in the stores - I asked in almost every single one. The guy helping me at the Akira store was even so kind as to go online right there and start scouring for items! It was a man-hunt for a pair of pants and I still ended up coming out with none.

So, where else to turn these days but the internet? And I have. I've spent HOURS. And I've found tons of great stuff! But sometimes, it all gets to be a bit much.

There IS another solution. Drumroll...


I know, I know. It sounds like "too much" because it must be crazy expensive and maybe you don't live near a big city where those sort of people are readily available. It's just not gonna work for you - right?

Well... If you can save up $60... You can have someone find the wardrobe of your dreams! You still have to buy the clothing, but that's all the services would cost. AND you don't even have to leave your house.

I won a gift certificate from Maternal Instinct Styling and totally cashed that in.


Here's how it went down:

  1. Courtney told me to think of some celebrities whose styles I like
  2. I already had a "style" board on Pinterest, so I added some Kate Beckinsale and Megan Fox. LOVE their styles.
  3. She emailed me a selection from Polyvore - and I LOVE it.

Here's a screen shot of some of the ideas I sent her:


And here's the selection Courtney sent!


POOF! There you have it :-)

And I have to admit, it was REALLY FUN. A gift certificate from Maternal Instinct could definitely go on the list of "Nice Things to do for People with Allergic Contact Dermatitis"! But it's for any women at all, really!

Click here to check out Courtney's website and here to check out the rest of her selections on Polyvore