5 Nice Things You Can Do for People with Allergic Contact Dermatitis

When my allergies exploded in 2009 Anyone dealing with Allergic Contact Dermatitis (a form of Eczema) definitely deserves something nice every now and then. The pain, the itching, the swelling, the oozing, the infections, having to condition yourself not to touch your allergens... it can kinda bring you down... to put it mildly.

If you're looking for something nice to do for that special person in your life with Allergic Contact Dermatitis, here are 5 ideas!

  1. Plan a day of activities they can actually take part in. Prep everything beforehand as much as you can. My contact allergies prevent me from going on last minute overnights (synthetic fabrics in the hotel room), going to indoor concerts (theater smoke can be 100% propylene glycol) and  other various outings as well.
  2. Secretly take photos of all the products they use and make a care package. Include things like soap, make-up, dye-free 100% cotton towels and robe, nail polish, etc.
  3. Write the person a letter to remind them how much you appreciate them and give them a verbal pat on the back for dealing with their skin condition.
  4. Be ok with hanging out at their place - a LOT. I'm most comfortable at home because (as much as I can) I've created an environment I can actually touch.
  5. Find out what substances they're allergic to and search online for products they can use - especially if you know they're looking for something specific (I can never find hair gel at the store). One of the annoying parts of my allergies is the amount of time I have to spend searching for items.

Putting yourself in their shoes is the best gift you can give. It's easy to feel so alone with such a restrictive skin condition.

And of course... give 'em lots of love and patience!