Bogus Internet and a Bunch of Fun Stuff

Happy Sunday! (For those of you who don't work on Sundays) Right now, I'm blogging from a fro-yo place...


The internet at my house is messed up and get this - the ONLY website it won't let me go on is WORDPRESS. Ugh. It did this same thing recently with Facebook and it lasted for two weeks. Then everything was fine for a week and now this.

It could be worse, though. It's a really sunny day and I'm eating some tasty watermelon sorbet. Can't complain since we're coming out of the snow season here in the midwest.

So, what have I been doing lately you ask?

I've been relaxing - everyone needs to once in a while.

I would have taken more photos of my "vacation", but that would have defeated the point of me actually relaxing. One photo did get snapped while I was out for my good friend's 30th birthday:


We had an awesome time going out for a sushi dinner and then traveling to another location to watch a classic rock band play some music while we had drinks. We were out until about one in the morning - it's been a while since I've been out that long! Ha.

Another super fun thing that happened is I got to sing background vocals on a song that just got released on Vevo!

Kidd Russell is a local hip hop artist who paired up with producer Mathew Jenkins and has launched himself onto the music scene

If you listen really hard, you can pick out the only girl singing in the background - that's me!

[youtube] When the filming for the video was going on and I was asked if I wanted to be in it, I declined because I was in the middle of blogging - that's how much I love you guys! :-)

As far as my health update, I'm feeling alright. My skin isn't going nuts right now, which is great. Food has been bothering me lately.... I  actually woke up a couple times in the night not sure whether I was going to throw up or just have to go to the bathroom. Thankfully, it ended up being the latter. I did NOT feel good though.

Also, we now have air purifiers in every room of our house and I must say the air in our home feels SO MUCH more fresh. I absolutely recommend the same for anyone with allergies to dust or pets. My hunny and I both feel more energized and clear-headed - it's GREAT.

And to tie up this post, I'd like to remind everyone that there are only....

13 more days until the GFAF Expo!

Click here to read all of my expo posts. Make sure to come by the designated blogger area and say hello!

See you there!