Ask The Allergista: So, what CAN you actually have?


There's a list of everything you're allergic to. What are you NOT allergic to? Or what are some typical fabrics/foods you do not react to?


Great question!

Some staples I go for when looking for food are:

  • plain chicken, pork or fish that I can season with dry herbs or a simple marinade
  • extra virgin oils
  • pure oils
  • expeller pressed oils
  • rice
  • quinoa
  • rice noodles
  • potatoes
  • most veggies (not spinach because of the high nickel content)
  • ice cream made from coconuts (it's lactose-free)
  • strawberries
  • bosc pears
  • clementines
  • bananas
  • sushi
  • soy milk
  • orange juice
  • coconut water
  • rice crackers
  • hummus
  • rice cakes
  • Lays potato chips
  • edamame
  • miso soup
  • freshly made simple guacamole


  • And for fabrics, I look for 100% natural fibers - excluding wool