Coping with Eczema/Dermatitis and Food Allergies on my Business Trip

Happy Saturday! Mine didn't start out quite so happy as I woke up with a zillion microscopic bumps on my lips and terribly stuffed up sinuses and a headache. I furiously began vacuuming the house and threw the living room curtains in the wash. I wanted to try to do as much as I could right away in the hopes that things will improve throughout the day. I plan on using my sinus rinsing kit as well.

You see, I was on a business trip from this past Tuesday night until Friday afternoon. I was amazed at how well I could breathe in the hotel room, so I think my body is re-adjusting to our house. Not the MOST fun thing, but it could be worse.

The Hyatt hotel stay was GREAT though - they were so accommodating and I got some extra perks I didn't even ask for!

I diiiid ask for some assistance bringing everything up to my room because I had to bring all of this in from their parking garage:


I made sure to tip the guy who helped me because that was a BIG help.

After he left, I looked for the fridge right away and they hadn't forgotten! The housekeepers also left me this nice note:


Not only did they do that, but there were hypoallergenic pillows and this beefy air purifier:


I had it on the whole time. It ROCKED. It should for its $625 retail price, after-all. Wow.

The room also had this chair which was kinda terrifying the first time I saw it:


SO pretty but SO MUCH METAL! And I didn't have a nickel testing kit with me. I made it work, though, and only sat on it when I wore long sleeves. It was pretty comfy.

I ordered dinner from The Hyatt's in-house restaurant and they made sure to cook it in extra virgin olive oil and with no lactose or preservatives:


The salmon was good. The wild rice wasn't quite my thing because I usually like a mixture of white and wild rice instead of all of it being wild. It wasn't the worst though. I forgot to ask for no spinach (because of the high nickel content), but that was my fault.

After dinner, I got comfy in the 100% cotton bedding I brought with me. Aw yeah - the bed had a plush pillow-top:


I think the only imperfect thing about the room was the burnt out lightbulb. I'm not that picky, though, so it wasn't worth mentioning.

The towels were confusing, though. I checked the label and was excited to see 100% cotton!


And then I flipped the label over:



So I didn't use them - I brought my own towels anyway. Notice how I'm using my nitrile gloves to check everything out? I don't take any chances.

I would have taken some photos during the actual "school" I was attending, but I would have been the ONLY person doing that. Everyone was in suits - it wasn't really a 100% casual environment. I snapped some photos of my lunch with my cell phone, but my lens is so scratched and blurry that the photos are worthless to look at.

The on-site chef was SO good to me though! I had sent my breakfast and lunch requests and they even made sure to have my favorite bosc pears on my plate!

This is what I had for Breakfast:

- scrambled eggs, home fries and a bowl of peaches, strawberries, bosc pears and clementines


- small bowl of strawberries and carrots


Day One - chicken breast poached in thyme, steamed cauliflower & carrots, plain baked potato and a salad with herb infused extra virgin olive oil and lemon wedges

Day Two - incredibly yummy grilled salmon cooked with extra virgin olive oil and dry herbs over a thin bed of roasted red peppers, a plain baked potato on the side and a the same salad as the day before

My company had a required dinner on Day One and the restaurant served me walleye cooked in the appropriate oils along with some potatoes and string beans.

For dinner on Day Two, I had one of my FAVORITE meals. I looove sushi and edamame:



I'd figured finding sushi around my location wasn't going to be hard, so I planned ahead and brought my soy sauce from home for some sushi-dipping. yummmmm. I also brought along some hummus & rice crackers, salt & pepper kettle cooked chips, orange juice, coconut water and bottled water.

During my two long days of classes, I wore two different business outfits. Day one:


And on Day Two, I rocked a ponytail. I wore the same pants/shoes as the day before:


My bracelet is made out of black sterling silver - isn't that cool? I'd never heard of it before until I stumbled across that bracelet a while back.

The only downside to my awesome blazers is that they are lined with not-so-awesome polyester. My skin seemed to only react in the areas with sweat - under my arms - and that NEVER happens with my cotton clothing. I usually have a dry patch above my armpit, but never any reactions directly on either of them. My body reacts to nickel a lot more harshly than synthetic fabrics, so that's why I was willing to take this chance. The top blazer is new and the bottom one is and older one I bought before my allergies exploded. The fabric on both shells are 100% cotton, so I just have to get them re-lined. I need to order some new bulk black cotton fabric as well.

I also had this random reaction on my wrist early on in the trip:


And by the end of the trip, I had these bubbles on the inside of my left ring finger:


Overall, my trip was GREAT. I had the opportunity to hang out with 79 other people who do the same sort of thing I do and have been doing it for about as long as I have. I even made a friend who had traveled from Colorado!


I didn't go out any of the nights I was there like a lot of the people who did, but used the time to focus, decompress/relax, get some office work done and prep for the next day of classes. It was peaceful and I needed that. I wanted to be able  to learn as much as I could while I was in the 2.5 days worth of classes and had the support of the people from our corporate office. I talked to SO many of the other associates who were there and it was a great experience. I even spoke in front of everyone for about 5 minutes (about one of the ways we improve the efficiency in our office) and didn't go numb with stress/my fear of public speaking!

I had planned and planned for this and it all payed off. All in all, two thumbs up :-)

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