My Patch Test Allergen Charts

After you complete any sort of allergy testing, you can request the allergen charts. These charts will show everything you were tested for as well as the severity of your reactions to each potential allergen. On November 20th 2010, I found out what my skin condition was: an incurable issue called Allergic Contact Dermatitis or Eczema, as it's also known.

The doctor filled my back with patches from top to bottom and they had to stay on for a few days. I was tested for chemicals, metals and more. People have been asking me exactly what I was tested for, so I thought I'd call the doctor up and request the charts are share them with you!

Here they are below, letter included:

FYI "-/+" means possible reaction and the scale goes from 1 to 3+++ with 1 being a small reaction and 3+++ being off the charts.

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