Product Review: La Tortilla Factory's Fiber & Flax Tortillas

The main reason I really felt the need to share these with you is because they're the ONLY tortillas in my regular grocery store that I can actually eat. And that's because they're the only ones that don't contain hydrogenated oil! Isn't that crazy? How unnecessary is THAT?

Introducing La Tortilla Factory's Fiber & Flax Corn Tortillas!


These have been great, though. You just fry them up in a pan lightly and stick them in the oven to stay warm. They're tasty and don't taste like they're full of "fiber & flax" - two thumbs up!

Lately in our house, these tortillas have been wrapping up this yuuuummy and INCREDIBLY EASY  BBQ Chicken recipe I found on Pinterest:


You MUST try it!