Planning for My Business Trip: Part II


Since my last post, my meal plan has changed, the "required dinner" venue has changed and I thiiiink I've bought everything I need to bring with me. I've been piling things up in the office at home  in preparation. This was my pile this past Sunday:

I've been trying to do what I can beforehand so that I can focus while I'm on my trip. There are a dozen or so classes I'm going to be taking.

In preparation on Saturday, I:

  • did a lavender facial and then soaked my feet in the water afterward
  • trimmed my nails
  • did laundry
  • went over my to-do lists for the trip

On Sunday, I:

  • painted my toe nails red
  • went shopping for toiletries and other things to bring on my trip
  • went over my to-do lists for the trip

And I also painted clear nail polish on the zippers of my blazer sleeves because I don't have a nickel kit to test the zippers. Why don't I have a nickel testing kit? Because I can't find one in a normal store like Walgreens and I keep forgetting to order one or pick one up at the doctor's office.

These are the zippers I'm talking about:


And this is the jacket I'm talking about.

I'm already risking a skin reaction to the polyester lining in my jacket (I didn't have the extra $$ to fix it because of Bentley's high vet bills lately) and since nickel is one of my worst reactions, I just couldn't risk it.

In regard to the meals changing, it's not a bad thing! I got a call from the business trip coordinator and she told me that there are actually going to be chefs on our trip as opposed to boxed meals like I thought. The coordinator showed my list of allergens to the chefs and they thought it would be easier if I tell them exactly what I'd like. She said I can have "whatever I want"! And if I want "a plain chicken breast cooked in whatever oil and a baked potato", I can ask for that. Isn't that AWESOME?? I was wowed! I thanked the coordinator repeatedly :-)

The meals that they're responsible for are the breakfasts, lunches, snacks and also the "required dinner" which is being hosted at a restaurant. These are the requests I sent for the company chefs:


  • Eggs scrambled or over medium (in pure canola oil, extra virgin olive oil or any expeller pressed oil) with any of the following: bacon (as long as it has no benzoic acid, sodium benzoate or natural flavoring), strawberries, peaches, bosc pears, clementines, kiwi


  • Chicken with any combination of dry spices (Italian, Spicy, Asian, I love it all. I can also have soy sauce as long as it has no benzoic acid, sodium benzoate or natural flavoring) cooked in pure canola oil, extra virgin olive oil or any pure or expeller pressed oil over a big salad with no spinach. I can have all vegetables. Extra virgin olive oil and lemon for the dressing please. Another idea is a medium salad with a baked potato – no butter.

Snack Possibilities

  • Carrot sticks, cauliflower or red bell pepper slices with guacamole
  • Hard boiled egg
  • strawberries, peaches, bosc pears, clementines, kiwi

And as for the "required dinner" at the restaurant, I found a fish dish with veggies and potatoes which, as long as it's cooked in the right oils, will be ok.

Stay tuned on my Facebook page for photos and updates throughout my trip! They start tonight! ;-)