32 Days until The Gluten & Allergen Free Expo - Chicago 2013!

In preparation for the GFAF Expo, I designed my business cards and drumroll.... they've arrived! theallergista




There are a couple things I'm going to change for the design and card stock the next time around, but I'm happy with them :-)

Speaking of design and all things art-related, a friend and fellow artist is going to be helping me out at the Expo next month! I can't wait.

She actually has a blog herself - that's how super awesome she is:


Michelle does a lot of mixed media projects and also dabbles in photography and loves learning about other miscellaneous art projects that she finds interesting. Here's an excerpt and some pieces from her blog:

Working full time? Raising a family? Too much to do with too little time? Impossible to find the time to pursue your passions? I feel your frustration! Weekend Artist is my blog about fitting it all in and still finding time to pursue my passions! Join me and share your frustrations and creations!

Creative time is elusive in our over-scheduled lives and the first thing to be pushed to the bottom of the priority list. But inspiration can be found all around us. Here, I want to share the ways I nurture my creative life and inspire you to do the same!





So come by and say "hello" to us at the designated blogger area this April 20th and 21st! Have you not bought your tickets yet? Click here to do so! And click here to learn more.

Here are some recent photos of the Expo that just happened in San Fran:




See you there!