Planning for my Business Trip Next Week

hyatt_hong_kong So, I began working at an unnamed corporation about a year ago. One thing about this company is that they have the employees attend 3-day schooling sessions so we can be better at our jobs.

Next week is going to be my first one! Which fills me with dread and excitement.

I'm going to have to "roll with it" and go along with their schedule which goes from 6:45 a.m. each day until about 5pm each day. In the mornings, we get picked up in the hotel lobby and are gone for the entire day at classes.

So, I have to think about:

  • What I'm going to eat and how I'm going to keep food from going bad. 
  • Bringing 100% cotton bedding with me
  • I cannot cannot forget my bandana which I use to touch stuff like doorknobs
  • Making sure I have my soap / plastic silverware on me at all times.
  • Having outfits that are 100% cotton and good enough to blend in with the business-style peeps I'll be around. Cotton can look a bit casual - especially if you're still re-building your wardrobe,  like me, because you developed an allergy to synthetic clothing out of nowhere.

The company is going to be providing our lunches for us and there's a mandatory dinner as well. It's been a while since I registered for these classes, so I don't remember what I chose for the lunch options (they give a few choices). I'll have to email the coordinator to see what I have on file. I do remember thinking I'd have to bring stuff with me, though.

For our "required dinner", I researched the restaurant online and saw that they have an all-you-can-eat salad bar which is perfect for me. Hopefully they won't have metal utensils for the lettuce and everything :-/ I'll bring some olive oil mixed with lemon and keep it in my purse or something. I'll have to possibly carry it with me all day if we don't come back to the hotel before dinner.

We're all staying at the Hyatt, which is actually one of the places that features "hypo-allergenic rooms". Those rooms weren't an option (through the company I work at) when I booked the trip, but I can manage without it. The hypoallergenic rooms mostly deal with dust prevention and that sort of stuff. I can usually get by alright in that regard. As long as the bedding is clean and the room is vacuumed well, I'm uuuusually fine.

So, I wrote them ahead of time just so I could get an idea of what I'd be dealing with:

I'm going to be staying at the Hyatt soon with my company, XXXXXXX. The reason I'm contacting you ahead of time is because I have a long list of allergies - both food and otherwise.

My questions are:

- Is there a little refrigerator in the room? - Do you have a list of restaurants within walking distance? - Do you have 100% cotton bedding / sheets / pillow cases? - Is the restaurant inside the hotel accommodating? (ie: cooking with extra virgin olive oil instead of other oils or butter) Also, do they have an online menu? I couldn't find one.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and looking forward to my stay!

And this was their reply:

We do not have refrigerators in the room, but you can ask for one at check in. I will also note the request on your reservation. You can also ask the desk for a list of nearby restaurants, and there is also a map of them.

Our restaurant can accommodate most allergies. If you dine with us, ask the server for an allergy form prior to giving your order, and in most cases we can accommodate.

Our bedding is not 100% cotton; sheets, pillow cases and other bedding are a blend of polyester and cotton.

Thank you for choosing the Hyatt and we look forward to having you as our guest.

Kind Regards

And for anyone with medical or allergy problems, the extra fridge is free! :-) I dig that.

My To-Do list for right now:

  1. Contact the business trip coordinator at work to get the full details about the meals being served to us
  2. Think up some possible non-refrigerated foods I can carry with me throughout the day
  3. Think up some food I can keep in my mini fridge in the hotel room
  4. Make sure I have a container for my salad dressing I'll be bringing with me
  5. Plan out my outfits
  6. Write out a list of everything I'm bringing with me because I have all of my certain products and gloves that I NEED and they're bought at different places. I can't just get it all at one store and I may not be able to find the products I need where I'm going to be staying.

I'll make sure to share my experiences on the trip! :-)