Self-proclaimed Food Snob

Yup. I said it.


OK, I can't say I identify with #1, but I definitely believe my tastes in food are more superior than others. My taste is also forced on me because of my allergies.

Pardon me for not being jealous of your Cheetos and Ding Dongs, though.

Do I think my taste in food is more superior than everybody's? NO.

Do I think I am superior? Absolutely not.

Would I like to guiltily eat an entire box of Velveeta Mac & Cheese? OH yeah.

But I don't do it because I know I shouldn't and because I know the homemade versions are WAY better than anything else.

I've found that people like to give each other flack for being a "food snob". If you don't want to eat at whichever fast food restaurant or if you won't eat that bag of chips because of the chemicals, it's not unusual to get this response: " Ugh, seriously? Come on." or they try and joke like: "Oh geeeez sorry this isn't good enough for you."

Why don't I think it's such a bad thing to be labeled a food snob?

  • I ingest less chemical preservatives
  • I eat organic meat. Do you know about pink slime? YEAH. Think about what we DON'T know yet.
  • My stomach doesn't send me running off to the bathroom after eating a brat/nachos at an outdoor fair. 'Cuz I don't eat that stuff.
  • I'm hopefully going to end up healthier in general and live longer
  • My body gets more vitamins because I make most of my meals myself and I'm not eating so many processed foods.
  • I feel less puffy and gets lots of omegas - all because I don't eat hydrogenated oils.
  • My heart loves me because I don't eat butter.
  • I get to go out to nice restaurants on our dinner dates because they use better ingredients (heehee)
  • I don't drink soda. Enough said, right? We all know how bad that stuff is.
  • I've learned a lot by reading ingredient labels.
  • I've educated myself on the natural allergens in food (nickel, gallic acid, etc.)
  • And honestly, I think the food I eat tastes a lot greater than the other options out there.
  • Can't beat home-grown and homemade!