5 Things That Can Irritate Your Dermatitis


"dermatitis, also called eczema,  an inflammation of the skin usually characterized by redness, swelling, blister formation, and oozing and almost always by itching. The term eczema, which formerly referred to the blistered, oozing state of inflamed skin, has by common usage come to have the same meaning as dermatitis..."

- Encyclopedia Britannica 

Not fun. Allergic Contact Dermatitis, which is often referred to as a form of Eczema, can leave you in quite the irritable, tired and itchy state.

If your skin is doing any of the things described in the encyclopedia, it could be getting exacerbated by:

  1. Hot Water / Sweat
  2. Body Products
  3. Synthetic Fabrics
  4. Stress
  5. Medication / Vitamins

Try avoiding these things if your skin is freaking out and also click here to read about what I do when my skin is breaking out with a reaction.