13 Ways to Avoid Plastic

avoiding_plastic In the journey of my allergies developing, I found that I was reacting to my pens as well as laminate counter-tops and even synthetic fabric. My skin will bubble up, get itchy and won't stop reacting until I eliminate the plastic from my routine.

In an effort to avoid plastic, here are 13 ways you can do just that!

If you have more ideas, post 'em up in the comments!

  1. Wrap your pens and highlighters with masking tape. Retractable pens and highlighters are best for this
  2. Buy wooden pens
  3. Cover your synthetic desktop with glass
  4. Use glass straws
  5. Buy cardboard binders 
  6. Use glass containers for leftovers
  7. Don’t use plastic cups
  8. Use a wooden comb
  9. Use bamboo or metal kitchen tools
  10. Buy sunglasses with metal frames
  11. Buy this bamboo keyboard and mouse
  12. Cover your steering wheel with a cotton cover
  13. If you’re using your hands to touch something made of plastic, consider wearing thin cotton gloves