Reader Submission: Using a Pollen Tracker for Your Skin Allergies!


Last spring when pollen was at an all time high in Virginia and I had the worst case of hives in my life ever, I found It tells you what the levels are in your particular area and I believe it can forecast up to 4 days or more in advance (It can). The site also allows you to keep a log of the levels and your response.

I used it back in the spring and found that their forecast was right on with my reaction. If I knew it was particularly high, I took measures to minimize my exposure to those pollens (ie stay indoors, run air-conditioning, wash clothes daily, etc.)

It was a pain in the booty but helpful. They also give you lots of helpful links and info on allergies in general and it’s free, too. That’s always a bonus for all the money we spend managing our allergies.

I actually just joined this past Sunday and also downloaded the android app - I'm interested to see how useful it is :-) My outdoor allergens are tree pollen, ragweed, and common weed. Usually, over-the-counter Zyrtec does the trick for me, but some days it just isn't enough. Those pills have artificial coloring in them, which I'm not reeeally supposed to have, though. This summer will be the first summer I use my sinus rinse kit, so I bet it will help in that regard.

I never really thought about my SKIN getting bad due to high pollen levels, though. Very interesting! Makes sense since your skin comes into contact with the air.