My Itchy Finger, the Idiot-boy who Sells Flat-irons, and the coolest cat in the universe

Happy Saturday!

(for those of you who don't work Saturdays, that is)

This morning, my ring finger on my right hand looked like this:


See the all the tiny bubbles clustered together?


That's been brewing all week, but didn't multiply into a bunch of tiny bubbles until this morning. It's a sign for me to put on some steroid ointment. I avoid using it as much as I can, but when my skin is showing no sign of improving... I cave before it spreads. I say "cave" because I know steroid ointment isn't a permanent solution and it isn't good for your skin in the long haul.

Just check out the gal at pinklikeabeacon who's adjusting to not using her topical steroids anymore. It's anything but fun.

And while I'm on the subject of my allergies, I HAVE to tell you about the idiot boy who sells flat irons. I know the name-calling is a bit harsh, but hear me out...

So, I'm walking through the mall after work on Wednesday and I'm making a bee-line for the video game store to buy my hunny a present. I'm usually pretty good at avoiding the people trying to lure you in to purchase something at the kiosks between the stores.

As I passed by two dark haired guys at a flat-iron kiosk, the taller one stretched out his arm to hand me a business card, which I took thinking that was it - I was going to take a business card and keep moving. But as soon as that card hit my fingertips, he offered to straighten my hair faster than anyone ever has before.

I just so happen to be in the market for a flat iron, but many of them have metal plates and I said, "Well, if it has any nickel in it, you can't touch my hair with it because I'm allergic." He said the plates are actually pure ceramic, unlike the other leading ceramic flat irons. Awesome, right? So I sat down and let him try the flat iron out on my hair.

Now, let me try to paint a picture for you.... I don't know if you watch Workaholics, but he reminded me SO much of  "Topher", which is THIS guy:

Nylon Magazine's 2011 May Young Hollywood Issue Celebration - Arrivals

He looked very similar to him (a little less scruffy and with shorter hair) and sounded SO much like him with an added tinge of an Italian accent. Here's what he sounds like on the show:


Ok, so this guys is straightening my hair and after he runs out of things to say about the flat-iron, he asks me about my allergies. I explained how I react to nickel and he was like "Wow. Is that contagious?"

Hold up. I'm sorry.... WHAT did you just ask me?

So, I kinda laughed it off and was like "uhhh, nope you DEFINITELY can't catch my allergies." And he says, "Well, you never know - there are a lot of different kinds of allergies." Yeah. He actually said that. I'm not even exaggerating ONE bit.  Then he starts going on and on about how he's paranoid about catching stuff and says, "Maybe I should go wash off in the toilet after this!"

I looked at his co-worker who was watching this disaster as it was happening, and said, "Now, THAT is how you're going to catch something.... you're NOT going to catch anything from me." And the co-worker and I laughed. He seemed to be a bit more with it than the guy doing my hair.

After the third time of this odd guy saying something stupid about me being contagious, I finally laughed and gave him a "wow, you're dumb" look and said "Is this how you sell things to people? By making them feel contagious?" I flashed his co-worker a knowing smile and he just started rolling with laughter. It was just ridiculous.

I can't tell you how lucky that guy is that I bought one of the flat irons. The only reason I bought it was because it was a good deal on a nickel-free flat-iron. After having allergic reactions after going to the hairdresser, I really wanted a product that would work for me.

I could have EEEASILY blasted this guy and called the company over how he was talking to me. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how he stood back after finishing my hair and said, "It looks so much better - I would hit on you now! You have a boyfriend, though, right?"

....Dude, even if I didn't have a boyfriend, there would be no chance in hell for you. Oh so sorry.

So, do you see why I call him the idiot boy now?

In other news, I did my first-ever guest blog post on my new blogger-friend's blog, Celiac and Allergy Adventures!


Her name is Amanda and she rocks :-) She also did a guest post on THIS blog! You can read that here.

Connecting with other people fighting allergies has been such a blessing. When I began this blog, I was really hoping to find others dealing with the same sort of struggles and to also help other people who were out there looking for solutions. Both of those things have actually happened! I feel lucky :-)

I'm ALSO lucky because I'm in the middle of an extended Valentine's Day - one of my favorite holidays <3 I'm a true, classic romantic, after all. Always have been.

On the day of, I got a beautiful hand-written letter and this:


My baby knows what's up, right? ;-) I'm wearing it now, actually. And he put a lot of thought into finding one that was very "me", which makes me love him even more :-)

Yesterday, I got these:


Just beautiful. Perfect and beautiful. I love roses.

And tomorrow we're going out to dinner at our faaaaavorite place. I'll take some photos to share with you guys!

To tie up this long-winded journal post, I'd like to introduce you to our always-on-duty, yet shy, sheriff of the house....



That's one of my favorite photos of him. Or maybe this one is:


HA ;-)

Remember "Bluto The Terrible" from Popeye?? It was the perfect mash-up. It had to happen.

Bluto is VERY much a daddy's boy, his favorite hobbies are eating and sleeping (in the same spot for the entire day) and he's quite the talker. I'll have to post a video of his sweet kitty meows sometime. He gets really pushy around dinner time - he doesn't like to be fed five minutes late. He knows how to tell time, somehow. It's kind of strange. You know what else he does? He will slam the doors of our cabinets in the middle of the night if he feels like he's not getting enough food or if we've moved the water bowls around. Bluto's not afraid to express himself. Can't hate on that. Unless you live in our house and are trying to sleep.

I love Bluto so much, though. He puts up with a roommate who barks every time someone opens the front door... he puts up with my excessive hugging


and he lets us do things like this:


Ok, I admit it... He only let us do that because those sticks on his head have catnip in them. He was digging it though. And while I'm thinking of him, I think I'm going to go give him some treats right now :-)

Posted on February 16, 2013 .