Foods which are High in Nickel

nickel_in_food I was told by a doctor that due to my severe nickel allergy, if my skin didn't improve after avoiding the actual metal itself, I should think about a reduced nickel diet.

Yes, your nickel allergy can actually come out in your skin by eating foods containing nickel. Over time, the nickel builds up in your system and your body will start kicking out reactions.

Here are some foods to look out for!

  • chocolate, particularly dark (nooooooo!)
  • cashews
  • green, brown and white beans
  • spinach
  • canned food
  • wheat
  • shellfish
  • ground meat
  • vitamins
  • figs
  • pineapple (I've actually had sharp abdominal pains after eating pieces of pineapple. I don't seem to be bothered by small amounts of the juice when it's mixed into a marinade, though)
  • prunes
  • raspberries
  • prawns
  • mussels
  • hazelnuts
  • peanuts
  • sunflower seeds
  • licorice

I'm starting to think maybe I should really commit to a couple weeks of this... I'll have to get creative.

A fun fact: by taking more vitamin C and iron, you can actually lessen your body's reaction to nickel. I may have to try this as well! It would be awesome if that helped, actually... :-)