A Trip to the Grocery Store Just For Me

Lately, a couple of blogger friends asked me what I eat since I have to avoid many things in food such as preservatives, propylene glycol, hydrogenated oil, gallic acid and lactose. So, I thought I'd take a trip to the grocery store just for me and take a photo of my purchases!


So, this is what I do with all this stuff (clockwise from top left corner):

  • In the upper left hand corner are spaghetti noodles, honey, pure canola oil, soy sauce (gluten free because I've found it typically has the most simple ingredient list) and crushed red pepper flakes. I make this amazing Spicy Thai Noodle recipe I found online with those ingredients. I'm addicted. It also requires sesame oil and peanuts, but I already had those. They don't go as fast as the other stuff.
  • 2 boxes of organic chicken noodle soup are great for anytime
  • Sweetened vanilla and Dark Chocolate Almond milk are great in oatmeal, cereal and as a treat by themselves. They're both amazing, but the dark chocolate is sooooo good if you're a chocolate person
  • Lays actually doesn't use hydrogenated oil in their chips or products, so their stuff is great as a snack
  • Being lactose intolerant and finding bread to eat is annoying. Whey has lactose in it and seems to be in most breads. NOT bagels, though! Thomas bagels are yummy too. I got the plain ones.
  • Same thing with soft pretzels - no lactose there! In this generic brand I found at the store, anyhow
  • Then I got some broccoli, carrots, and cauliflower (toward middle) which I dip in Open Nature plain hummus or steam and serve over rice or the Spicy Thai Noodles.
  • The red balls are radishes which I snack on - just plain
  • Open Nature also has a couple great frozen meals, so I tried the asian-style one for the first time - it was great! Small portions, but yummy. I used the oven when I cooked mine. I must have missed it on the label, but the pesto one has lactose in it :-(
  • Next is 3 bags of frozen organic edamame. Ahhhh.... if I didn't know any better, I'd eat this every single day. I devour an entire bag at a time. It's so easy to make and I just love 'em
  • Then are some rice crackers which I dip in the hummus as well
  • Above them are some pistachios which are great for snacking as well
  • Finally is the organic peanut butter and jelly which is great on a toasted bagel

For any produce, I buy organic or make sure to rinse and/or scrub it really well. The powers that be like to spray propylene glycol on stuff like bananas to ripen it before it's sold to customers. For dinners, I usually cook some sort of simple white meat dish and pair it with a veggie (sauteed, steamed or roasted) and rice or potatoes to balance the meal out.

What's on your regular list of grocery items?