Reader Submission: Watch out for propylene glycol in medication

Here's an interesting email I got from a reader about propylene glycol and medication. Check it out!:

I started taking Prednisone in addition to my hydrocortisone, to take advantage of the better allergy cover Prednisone provides. (The rainbow to having Addison's Disease!)

I knew from past experience that Prednisone helped my stomach, but of course that was long before I understood why.

My doctor gave me a script, but since I had a few left over from 2010 and no time to get to the pharmacy until the weekend, I took those. I have felt sick and had some serious tummy issues every day. I had looked up Prednisone and thought it was fine. I finally looked up the specific manufacturer. The old script was from Qualitest, and theirs contains "pregeletanized starch". Since that was the only obvious difference between the old script and new one from Watson, I decided that must be it.

Pregelatinized Starch or Alpha Starch are produced by the instantaneous dehydration of the heated starch paste fluid. In cold water, they can be quickly liquefied to form a solution of paste. Pregelatinized Unmodified Starches: properties of these solutions are similar to those of raw starches. Pregelatinized Modified Starch: in addition to the pregeltinizing treatement, the raw starch is modified by the use of appropriate chemicals according to end-use.

It's modified food starch! I need to puke now. ;)

She happens to know from my past experiences that modified food starch always makes me feel sick - read more about that here!