The best boyfriend in the world saves the day and other things that happened this past week

This morning didn't exactly start off on the right foot... After the routine first-dog-walk-of-the-day, my hunny was still asleep. So, I happily wandered upstairs to work on my weekly journal post... only to discover that HALF the photos I'd shot for it were missing from the memory card. Last week, I really enjoyed doing my first-ever journal post, so I was devastated when the work I'd put into this week's post had disappeared. Matt woke up pretty much at the exact moment I found out about the photos and he immediately knew something was wrong by the look on my face. We're not sure how it happened, but being the best boyfriend in the world that he is, he lept into action searching the internet for a way to recover the photos.

AND HE DID IT! :-) With a program called Diskgetor. I love that man. When he sees me panicking, he always picks up the slack and saves the day. He's truly my rock. And he loves me in spite of my moments of insanity. He's a saint.

My week started off pretty awesome, though. I did a video chat with the awesome lady from Celiac and Allergy Adventures, which was super fun! We shared some super-secret ideas and our time chatting went by FAST. Blogger friends are awesome!

I ALSO got a tweet from Victoria's Secret!


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After both of those awesome things in a row, something had to go wrong, right? ;-)

On Monday at our weekly three-person meeting at work. My boss was sitting at his desk across from my co-worker and I and we were going through our routine agenda. As we talked through each point, I was getting more and more uncomfortable. I was having a really bad bout of cramps. A fun fact: I can't take most over the counter meds due to my allergies. So as we were talking, we arrived at a particular point which didn't include me. In an effort to manage the pain, I focused on a point in the parking lot which was outside of the window I was sitting next to.

Then, my focus got interrupted by , "Are you ok?". And I look over to find both of my male co-workers staring at me. Awesome, right? Embarrassed, I said, "Uh, it's...just...girl stuff... I'm fine... You just... happened to catch me at a particularly bad moment, ummm... I'm fine." My boss said I could excuse myself if necessary, but I powered through it because I knew it'd be over soon.

My boss and his wife also subscribe to my blog posts. Hi guys! Haha.

So, the biggest part of my week was our dog, Bentley, and his vet appointment. He went for two reasons: He's been coughing a lot and he needed his teeth cleaned.

The results: he has a bad mouth infection and irritation at the bottom of his lungs. Not the worst, but not awesome. Coupled with his slight heart arrhythmia, it's a tad worrysome. But he's on antibiotics now and the next step is to send the x-rays of his lungs off to a specialist.

The poor little guy was so woozy when he came out of the vet, though. Dogs have to be "put under" / given anesthesia to get their teeth cleaned. He was even falling asleep sitting up.


I had put a treat on the bed to surprise Bentley with when we got home, but the vet said no more food for the rest of the day. His total fast lasted 36 hours and he was so hungry. After sleepily crying for 30 minutes because he could smell the spot where the treat was (I felt terrible), he fell asleep:


The next morning, though... he woke up looking like this:


I was worried that the drool he had gotten in his eye during the cleaning had spread the infection, so I decided it would be best to get him to the vet and work from home that day.

The vet tech dropped some mineral oil into his eye and I took him back home. I stayed by his side all day, preventing him from itching it. And he was improving! While he was still kinda woozy for most of the day, he started to get antsy and wanted to go hang out by himself.

So, we put the cone on ;-)


Bentley's eye is fine now and he's still on his medication. The vet said his lung issues could be due to allergies (go figure) or possibly something else.

Speaking of, it's time to go walk the pooch. The weather outside is cold, freezing rain-y and gray gray gray. There's a good amount of snow, but nothing like two years ago. That was insane:


Here's a photo I found online of what happened downtown on Lake Shore Drive:


Crazy, huh? I guess I should be thankful for the freezing rain outside :-)

Posted on February 10, 2013 .