ATTN: People with PG or PEG allergy - it's in eye drops!

This is an extra important post to me because I'm allergic to PG and I've got really bad vision. Optometrist appointments, glasses and contacts are always a must for me. I thought this deserved its own post because I'd imagine that having an allergic reaction to something you've put on your eyeballs must be AWFUL. Thankfully, when I found out about my chemical allergies, I was educated right away and I've never had to deal with my eyes reacting badly to anything.

You'll want to always read the labels on:

  • contact solution
  • eye drops
  • and make sure any doctor working on your eyes knows about your allergy because it's in a lot of the prescription eye drops and solutions.

Here are some eye drops below which contain propylene glycol and/or polyethylene glycol.

Click the photos to go to the links:

bausch&lomb_advanced_eye_relief clink_tears_eye_drops hypo_tears_eye_drops muro_drops visine visine_natural_tears_formula visine_totality

Have you ever had the horrible misfortune of having an allergic reaction from eye drops or going to the optometrist?