Snow, ungrateful customers and a really long blog post

So, this actually marks my first journal-style post. I figured I'd let you get to know me a little better :-)

And in that effort, here's a photo of me when I was a little kid:


That hair of mine did NOT stick around, apparently. It's amazing how your hair can change over time.

And here are 13 things about me:

  • My favorite color is red
  • I obsess over new songs I've found and listen to them over and over until I've metaphorically killed the song and can't listen to it for another few months.
  • My taste in music spans from Britney to Sinatra to System of a Down
  • I'm a big lover of animals. I used to pick up strays and even had a chicken for a short period of time.
  • Sarcasm has always been one of my charming traits. Somehow, my childhood camp counselor didn't find my eye-rolling very funny.
  • I'm an "INFJ" personality type.
  • I hate "putting people in boxes".
  • I do my best to do some yoga poses and/or meditate 5 mornings a week.
  • I've been in a committed relationship with pasta since a very young age.
  • I love hiking around in the mountains and think about it aaaalllll the time, but I live in a beachside prairie-land. Not much in the way of mountains out here in northern Chicagoland. I do love it here though. Especially when it's warmer.
  • I'm a dreamer and an idealist
  • I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian/singer/model/writer.
  • My guilty pleasures are reality shows, and vodka cocktails.

My hunny and I slept in until this 9 this morning  - I LOVE sleeping in. Usually, I'm up at 6:15 as I work a grown-up full-time job at my 29 years of age.

This is what we woke up to:


SNOW! This is the most it's snowed all year. It's barely snowed here at all for the last year and that is REALLY weird for this area. I can't remember a single winter growing up here with such low snowfall.

Here's another shot across the street:


I was out walking this snow-eating fluffy dog of mine.

Meet Bentley:


He was annoyed with me because I had to force him to stop for a photo. That snow was a high priority for him.

I tried to get a photo of our cat, but he wasn't having it. You'll meet him later.

And this is my hunny I woke up with this morning. We've been together for three awesome years :-)


Dreamy, right? <3

I took a shower this morning and put on some super comfy pajamas which I'm pleased to say I'll be wearing all day. They're super comfy, did I mention that? I got them as a gift this past Christmas. Mine are leopard print, though:


The're from Victoria's Secret and they're 100% cotton and sooo soft. And warm! Click the photo for the link to the product page.

So, as I'm sipping on my mug of hot water, I'll share my week with you...

Early this week, I knew it was time to make an appointment for Bentley to go to the vet. He's been doing this coughing thing for a long time, but he's always been the type of dog that's sneezing and making horfing sounds and things like that. A while ago, the vet said he figured that part of it was due to allergies. I'm starting to get worried about the coughing now because sometimes it sounds like he's having a pretty hard time.

Last month, I took him in for an EKG regarding the cough and he has a slight arrhythmia, but nothing that's serious or a problem. He was prescribed some antibiotics - especially since his teeth are in bad shape cleaning-wise. The next step is an x-ray of his chest to check out the size of his organs, their placement and anything else you could possibly see with an x-ray. The antibiotics didn't seem to do much... This week I scheduled that appointment along with a teeth cleaning (and he has to be put under for that) and his regular vaccinations.

He's going on Tuesday, so wish him/us luck!

There were a couple annoying things throughout the week, but nothing incredibly major...

My middle finger on my right hand started to freak out overnight. When I woke up a few mornings ago, it looked like this:




Not fun. This sort of stuff is incredibly itchy, sensitive and in the last photo - painful. And there's no way to really get around using your fingers...

I applied some steroid ointment and it seems to be going away. So, that's a victory in a sense!

What WASN'T a victory was how this pastor from St. Louis, Pastor Alois Bell, disrespected her server at Applebee's by crossing out the automatic gratuity (which is customary for larger parties at most restaurants) and writing the rude comment of  "I give God 10%. Why do you get 18". Then, as an after-thought, she wrote her title of "Pastor" above her name. WTF?


I'm sorry, why does she get 18%? BECAUSE SHE ONLY GETS PAID $3.50/hour. Please... take the time to figure out what's going on around you in the world - like how waiters and waitresses at restaurants make most of their money from tips! That's why it's done. You could have asked the manager why instead of acting the way you did. Nobody is trying to screw you over. It's a service-based industry. And that money also gets split up between the hostess(s) and bus boy(s). Sucks, huh?

I should know too, because I did a couple waitressing stints back in the day. Here's the only proof I have left:


Truthfully, I wasn't the most awesome waitress - I'm slightly awkward and I hadn't been serving for very long, but at the same time, I met a lot of cool people and had some great experiences as a result of  it. Can't beat that.

But, being rude and entitled toward the people serving you is NOT ok. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU'RE A PASTOR.

Here's the woman who did it, and then after one of the waitress's co-workers posted it on, called Applebee's and got the girl who posted it fired. I don't know if the other waitress got fired or not. This is the woman who wrote the nasty comment on the receipt, Pastor Alois Bell:


And you can watch her response to her actions, which was recorded on video for the news here.

She reportedly feels sorry for what she did, but I don't think she is. If you're so SORRY, find the girl (who was using the money for college) who lost her job and get her a new job. That's the only way it's going to be made right.  I just don't believe that she actually feels bad.

Not cool, Alois. And I saw that the name of your church and the address has been released on the internet. I hope you receive a lot of letters from people who know what it's like to feel like that waitress did. Maybe I'll send you one myself.

Moving on....!

To more fun and awesome things :-)

Like the two W Magazines I got in the mail! I just subscribed. They also sent me a little canvas "W" bag :-)  The magazine on the left is January and the one on the right is February. I oggled over this magazine at a young age and I've always loved the spreads.


I used to dislike fashion because I believed it was conformist. High fashion is anything BUT that, though. It's all about expression. That's what got me interested in it about 4 years ago. It was super awesome how I developed all the whole synthetic fabric allergy shortly after.

Thank god for Pinterest, though. Those 100% cotton boards I have kinda feel like my own little shopping world :-)

I also love looking at the lengths models will go to. For example, I'm sure the model was thrilled about THIS job, lol:


That's part of an advertisement for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It's a resort/casino.

I also love the tongue in cheek photography like this:


If you've looked at my 100% cotton Pinterest boards, you'll notice that I love stripes. These two magazines are previewing what's hot for this spring, so I was SUPER excited when I saw this spread:


Loooove it. Love that dress. Drama drama drama.

So, that was my week..

Lessons: You've always got to take the good with the bad, remember to be nice to people and hug your dog... a lot.

Posted on February 2, 2013 .