My current deodorant solution

Being allergic to propylene glycol (especially PG) and other common chemicals makes it difficult to find a deodorant that actually works. Every deodorant I see being advertised has PG in the ingredients as well as who-knows-how-many other chemicals. Propylene glycol is used as a vehicle to dissolve other substances into and it can make products last longer as well. The products that are free of most chemicals, like Crystal Deodorant or just plain baby powder... don't seem to work. At least not on their own.

I've found that the combination of three products can get me through the day, though.

Here's my current solution:

Wash underarms with Dial Deodorant soap in my morning and after-work showers:


I only use it on my underarms and feet because the active ingredient, Triclocarban, is kinda strong and there's a lot of stuff in it (including PEG, but I'm not allergic to that). Read more about the active ingredient in the soap here.


Then I touch up with Thick N' Kleen wipes during the day as needed. I even keep some in a ziploc bag in my purse.




After using the wipes, I pat under my underarms dry and apply some CVS baby powder:



And voila! All set!

Granted, "fragrance" doesn't tell us much of anything, but this one doesn't seem to bother me.

What's your solution?