My beef with content labels

I could sum this post up in one sentence: When it comes to our health (which is obviously very important), why isn't it required for fabric/content/ingredient labels to list the 100% truth? What's going on these days just doesn't make sense.

I'm allergic to synthetic fabrics as well as ingredients in food & product labels.... So, it's important for me to know what's in every. single. thing. Aaaand I know - and this blog proves it - that there are plenty of other people out there with the same issues. That number of people is also growing. As more and more chemicals get introduced to our lives, how could it not? Think about it. It's inevitable.

So, when it comes to items such as extracts, natural flavors, fragrance, etc... the law doesn't require the ingredients used to make those extracts or flavors to be listed at all! WHY? Does it... and I'm just guessing here... take too much time for someone to type it out for a label? Is the extra paper too expensive? Is it too bothersome to figure out a way to include a small folded piece of paper which contains every ingredient or the exact fabric content?.... Or do the powers that be just not want us to know? What gives?

Take this Nestle Hot Cocoa label as an example for the food department:


  • It's a good start that they've added some allergen info toward the bottom, but...
  • The hydrogenated oil screams out at me because that stuff is NOT good for you. I'll move onto the real point, though.
  • Dairy product solids? What the hell does that mean?
  • Notice how it says natural and artificial flavor? That means nothing. There could be ANYTHING in that flavoring - PG included.
  • It lists nonfat milk. It's true that there are preservatives in milk, so why aren't they listed?

Now, let's look at this fabric label on a blazer I got:


Nice, right? 100% cotton.

NOPE. Not at all. Clearly. Just look at the lining.


I mean... that's a joke. It's not even on the part of the blazer which IS cotton, lol. Now, come on...

There are pleeenty of people with allergies to synthetic fabrics, so why not just require it? It's like we're setting ourselves up for failure. And these allergic skin reactions HURT. They're painful and we literally lose sleep because of it.

It's not good... I feel like there needs to be a change... seems like it's time for some activism...