Is there nickel in Ball canning jars?

The answer is yes.


I wrote them because I've always had an interest in canning. I've read about the process for the past handful of years - I guess I just haven't committed to a specific project yet ;-)

I have a severe nickel allergy, so I made sure to write the "Ball" company over anyone else because they dominate the canning accessory industry. I specifically asked about nickel content in the metal tops. This is their response:

We appreciate your inquiry. Our home canning lids are made of steel with a coating of tin. They also contain a trace of nickel. If you have an allergic reaction to nickel, we do not recommend using our lids.

Thank you for contacting us.


Consumer Affairs Jarden Home Brands

Womp womp. So, there you have it folks. If you have a nickel allergy, stay away.

There are other jars you can buy where you won't have to worry about nickel getting in your food. If you need to, use some gloves to open the jars. At least your food will be safe.

Here are a couple options below. Click the photos to go to the product sites!