Reader Submission: Propylene Glycol in Eye Drops and on Pillows

I just went to the ophthalmologist the other day and he gave me drops for dry eye. Guess what? Number one ingredient was propylene glycol. Luckily, I looked at the list of ingredients before I accepted it and told him it was a no go since I know I’m allergic to it. He gave me a funny look and pulled out some other drops out without PG. :) I also just made another PG discovery. I would go to sleep and be fine and then wake up with rashes on my eyes and cheeks along with swollen eyelids. I retraced my steps to see if I applied anything new the night before. NO. Then, I realized that my husband applies an aftershave from Old Spice. So I pull up the bottle tonight. You guessed it. Propylene Glycol. Bye, bye Old Spice. I’m so glad my husband is a gem and is so understanding. He’s changed so many things to accommodate my allergies and never makes me feel bad about all the restrictions as they affect him, too. It’s crazy how many things have PG in it.

And it's true - PG is in sooo many different products from soap to anti-freeze to salad dressings to baking mixes and even other random ingredients like modified food starch.

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