Is there PG in Miller / Coors beer?



Yaaaay! It's not the most distinguished choice for an alcoholic beverage, but when you end up at a lunch with people ordering a pitcher for the table, it's only kind to join them, right?

So, one day after eating a salad at lunch and drinking a pitcher of Miller Lite with some peeps, my stomach felt HORRIBLE. I immediately blamed the beer because I've read that propylene glycol is used in the processing, particularly Miller Lite, so I called Coors. They're responsible for both Coors and Miller Lite beers.

The lady I spoke with was unable to release the list of their ingredients for certain recipe security reasons, but she WAS able to look up propylene glycol and I'm happy to report that it's NOT in their beer.

So, drink up! Just in time for the Super Bowl! ;-)