Sleeping with an itchy skin condition...



I could leave it at that because that's the exactly how I feel every time I think about it, however, it wouldn't make much of a blog post.

Why does it suck? It's insanely itchy.  I'll scratch myself to the point of bleeding and I wake myself up doing it - sometimes. A lot of the time, my hunny has to wake me up because it's woken him up and I'll just keep going to town.

There are different ways for each type of skin condition to be handled, but this is my routine for my atopic / allergic contact dermatitis before bed.

  • Shower with a mild soap in luke-warm water
  • Blot with a 100% cotton towel
  • If there are any super itchy spots, apply a thin layer of prescribed steroid ointment
  • Apply fragrance-free cream (not lotion) and work gently into skin
  • If my skin is in abnormally bad shape, I'll wear thin 100% cotton gloves which I get at Walgreens The world has yet to design the perfect thin cotton glove that will stay on through the night, by the way. This keeps me from itching my hands, but the gloves don't cinch at the wrist, so they come off fairly easily.

What's your routine?