The Story of Modified Food Starch & Propylene Glycol

Back in November, I did a post on which foods to look out for in regard to Propylene Glycol.

Then, I got an interesting comment from a reader:


Well, she's absolutely correct!

This didn't really come into play for me until a couple weeks ago....

After I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D Deficiency, I was prescribed some mega doses of D2 and I was instructed to combine that with over-the-counter D3 and Calcium.

I take my D supplements with lunch  and I started to notice that I was feeling nauseous after lunch every single day. For whatever reason, the modified food starch comment popped into my head and I grabbed my bottle of Swanson over-the-counter Vitamin D:


And there it is, folks...

So, I stopped at Walgreens and bought some new Nature Made vitamins that don't have it.


And I felt fine the first day I took it!

So, I did some research on modified food starch and it's starch for food products which has been modified with different chemicals - from chlorine to propylene oxide (which is used to make propylene glycol). AND the interesting thing about propylene oxide is that out of all the chemicals allowed for food starch modification, propylene oxide has the highest allowance! Most things aren't allowed to exceed a percentage of .1-.3. A few items have an allowance of 4 or 8 perfect, but propylene oxide is the only one with an allowance of 25%!

Check it out:


Now, keep in mind that I got this off the FDA website. Vitamins aren't regulated by the FDA, so who knows if the same rules even apply to the modified food starch in vitamins.

So, to my fellow people with Propylene Glycol allergies, make sure to stay away from this one!

Here are the ingredients on the "good" bottle. I had to do it in 2 shots: