Avoiding Nickel & Synthetic Fabrics: Keychain Edition

Nickel is truly nothing but a thorn in my side. I react to nickel incredibly fast and the insanely itchy reaction lasts 7-10 days. It tends to look like the reaction I have when I drink coffee. Needless to say, I hate my keys. I don't hate much, but I definitely hate my keys. Why? Because it's not possible to copy every single key into a nickel-free or coated one. House keys, yes - car keys, no. And touching your keys is inevitable, for the most part.

So, this is what I've done so far. The string is cotton and I keep any nickel-laden keys or rings at one end and the "good" keys way at the other end:


These are the "coated keys" I've referred to a couple times on this blog:


I also put plastic covers on for an extra layer of protection. They don't seem to bother me. I have another set of car keys that I don't even keep on this key chain because it means more nickel added onto it.

Granted, I could put on a glove every time I touch my keys, but it's not the most ideal solution because sometimes you need to think quickly. Or sometimes your keys and glove are at the bottom of your purse and it's dark wherever you are. Playing "where are my keys" in the dark is not my most favorite game. It usually ends in a lot of itchiness.

I'm thinking of seeking out some hemp and nickel-free rings so I can make my own key chain. I used to do it in high school actually ;-)