Why don't companies have to disclose fabric content?

This year for Christmas, I was lucky enough to receive my favorite blazer that I found online!


The only thing is... it's lined in some sort of synthetic fabric - I suspect Polyester.



On the product site, it lists the blazer as 100% cotton. Click the photo below to enlarge it.


This isn't something that seems to be that uncommon. The same thing happened to me when I ordered a coat from Delia's. I still haven't heard back from their customer service, by the way...

BUT... there IS one difference. The coat I got from Delia's listed the correct fabric on the tag - it was only the website listing that was incorrect. My new blazer actually lists 100% cotton right on the tag!


Isn't that crazy? It's a straight-up lie!

I don't understand why clothing isn't required to have a tag disclosing the exact fabric content... Clothing is on our skin (for most of us) ALL DAY LONG. I would think that since we're exposed to clothing pretty much all the time except when we're showing, it would be important to know exactly what it is that we're being exposed to... right? People DO have negative reactions to fabric and it can be a very painful thing...

I really love this blazer, so I'm going to have the tailor re-line it with some black 100% cotton fabric I bought. Can't wait :-)

I think it's time for a new law to be created about fabric content!