You Can't Beat Good Service, Especially at On The Border

I just had to post this because as I said in the title, you just can't beat good service. It's incredibly true. I was lunching last week at "On The Border" and having a hard time finding dishes with some substance. I wanted something more than dry salad... I should have brought my own extra virgin olive oil with me, I know... I was willing to settle on whatever they had, but I was interested in my options.

After telling the server what I was dealing with, he told me the manager would come over and talk to me about the menu items and my allergies. In the meantime, I saw that they have this great guacamole dish called "Guacamole Live"where they come over to your table and make it right in front of you. The only problem was the chips - they have lactose in them and I'm sure they weren't make with extra virgin or expeller pressed oil, which is what I need.

I asked if they had any vegetables I could dip the guac in and the manager offered to go next door and pick up some for me! I couldn't believe it - I was shocked that she would offer to go off the property to get me some food! And not only that, but she did it without a hitch - it really didn't look like she minded. At first I objected, but she persisted, so I gave in!

And this is what I got:

IMAG0633 IMAG0632

Excuse my un-planned cell phone photos, but it was awesome!

I think the carrots and peppers were the best combo with the guacamole. I can't tell you how much it means to have someone go above and beyond just to let you have the experience of sitting down with others to have a meal. That's what it's all about, right? Enjoying each other's company and bonding over a common ground. Granted, I know I need to just "deal with it" and get used to making due at whichever restaurant I go to eat, but it really made my day to have someone care that much.

I made sure to ask what her name was and it's DEBRA.

So, thanks to all of the Debras out there!

You rock.