I AM NOT HAVING IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe there are one too many exclamation points in the title, but whatever. Today deserves it. I've had enough. Today was a very busy day at work for me, so this threw me over the edge:

  • My doctor's office called at 5:30p.m. and told me I'm lactose intolerant. I just assuuuuuumed (which is my fault bc I assumed) that when they called back with my results last week and told me I'm Vitamin D Deficient, that that meant all of my other tests were negative. Especially because I had asked about the gluten test results and the nurse said that came back negative as well. Can I just say for one minute that






So, thing #2 that happened:

  • I received this cotton coat in the mail today which I ordered off Delia's. Nice and kinda military-ish with the color, right?


Yeah, awesome. WELL IT ISN'T 100% COTTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sleeves are lined with Polyester. 100% Polyester.

NOTHING SHOULD BE ALLOWED THE TITLE OF "COTTON" (i.e. cotton coat, cotton underwear, etc.) IF IT ISN'T ACTUALLY 100% COTTON!!! Excuse me, but this deserves a WTF? I can only see this sort of thing SO many times before I finally freak out.

I know the fur on the hood isn't cotton (duh). But the fur trim snaps off, so I figured that was the solution! It doesn't help that Delia's actually does list other items with "spandex/cotton/nylon", so I thought this for sure meant that the coat is cotton since all it says is cotton. NOPE.

So, I just got off the phone with Delia's customer service and spoke with Brenda who was very accommodating. Thanks Brenda! She automatically gave me a refund (holla for being able to return a sale item!) and e-mailed me a sticker so I can mail the coat back to them. Then, she spoke with a supervisor and came back to me. She agreed that it would be very helpful to have the percentages of fabric broken out on the website as people have called asking for it in the past. The coat has the fabric content on the inside of the coat, so why not just put it on the website too?

She said that she can pass along my issue to someone that can deal with it and took my phone number and e-mail. Brenda said that someone will be getting back to me, but it could take up to 7 days. I'll take it. It's better than nothing, you know? All I want is to know what the clothing is made of... that's all... nothing else... so simple, right...? For those of us that can't go rifling through the racks at the stores because of our allergies, the internet is SO important in regard to shopping. And I dunno... I'd say the internet is pretty RELEVANT at this point anyways... no? I dunno... maybe that's just me. In the least, please be consistent: either you list the fabric content correctly or don't list it at all! Otherwise, what's the point? Seriously.

I'll let you know what they say when I hear back!