What To Do When Your Eczema Acts Up

When my skin freaks out, it can do a variety of things...

get bubbly:

get splotchy (left of the injection marks):

or get dry and patchy:

Not fun, right? It can be SO uncomfortable.

Here's what I do when my eczema acts up:

  • only bathe / wash hands in cool or room temperature water
  • drink a lot of water
  • wash skin with a mild bar soap - no fragrances and no antibacterial soaps
  • no perfume on the area
  • no perfume-y lotions at all - use Cerave. It's a cream, not a lotion
  • but if your skin needs to dry out because your skin is oozey (possibly from scratching blisters), don't slather any lotion or cream on it
  • wear cotton gloves while sleeping to cut down on scratching
  • stay out of pools and saunas
  • sleep / meditate
  • avoid excessive sun exposure

I have prescribed steroid ointment in case things get to be too bothersome (desoximetasone cream usp .25%). If you find that you can't get through the night because of your itching, they CAN prescribe you a pill (Xyzal) for itching. I would say that's a last resort, though.