Dear American Apparel: I love you the way you used to sort

Dear American Apparel,

I've really enjoyed buying products from you. I've ESPECIALLY enjoyed it lately because, out of nowhere, I developed an allergy to synthetic fabrics and you offer a lot of cotton options. Here's the thing though: finding cotton clothing on your website was always SO easy because there was an option to "sort by fabric" in the drop down menus, but that option has recently been removed. I beg you, please bring it back! There's no longer a way to sort your products and get only 100% cotton items in the results. Your site used to be a regular of mine :-(

Many website's searches don't produce the greatest results ie: you can use their search bar and find nothing, but if you sift through their products one by one, you'll probably find at least SOME 100% cotton items. I don't think a lot of companies realize how important it is to be able to properly search and sort their site. For those of us who cannot easily find allergen-free products in our local stores, the internet is SO important. It's essential, really!

So, PLEASE American Apparel, bring it back!


The Allergista

** Since I've done this post, they have improved the search feature on their website, which is great :-) When I wrote this post, only 2 or 3 items were coming up in the search and I knew they had more than that!