Allergy Testing

Since I haven't been able to completely rid my skin of allergy problems, I made an appointment with my allergist and went in for more testing today. I was concerned about possibly being allergic to gluten, wheat, dairy or some other sort of food because my digestion can sometimes result in a bunch of sharp pains in my abdomen. To summarize, I was there for allergic skin reactions and digestion issues. My allergist noticed (like she always does) that I was congested in my sinuses, so that was another issue (will post about that later). I've gotten kinda used to the nasal congestion, so it only bothers me on certain occasions.

Today they tested me for the normal stuff like pollen (which I've been tested for before and already knew about), dust (same thing) and then they tested for dairy,  sesame seeds because I eat a lot of seeds, and also they tested for soy, cats and dogs. Oh and we did pineapple too because I had some stabby-feeling digestion issues after I ate it one time. One thing I'm excited about: turns out, I'm not allergic to soy afterall! YAAAAAAY! I went to a holistic doctor that did something called "muscle testing" to uncover allergies and she was the one that told me about the soy allergy. Truth be told, I wasn't really on board with her methods anyhow. That's another story though.

So, I thought I'd share what the testing was like! In the photo on the top - that's the scratch testing part. They dip these little plastic things which have small, sharp, pointy ends to them in the allergens and then press the plastic things into your skin. After the stuff sits on your skin for 15 minutes, they check it and note what was reacted to and how severe the reaction was. Then, anything they're concerned about that you DIDN'T react to gets injected in your skin. See the bubbles? Oh and pardon my less than awesome camera phone.

Then after 15 minutes, they look at your skin and determine what you're allergic to. After they wiped everything off, my skin looked like this:


This is what came up positive in the test:

  • tree pollen
  • ragweed
  • common weed
  • mold
  • dustmite
  • cat
  • dog
  • mouse

Considering we have a cat, I'm bummed that I can't touch him without gloves anymore. Our dog is a Pomeranian, which is a breed that doesn't produce pet dander, so I'm all good there. I just have to watch out for him licking my skin. I've trained him not to do that, though.

I didn't realize it, but I was tested for gluten 2 years ago and it came up negative. There is a more comprehensive test available, so the nurse took 4 or 5 (I wasn't looking) vials of blood and they're going to do the test for that as well as testing for:

  • lactose intolerance
  • vitamin D deficiency
  • I think she is testing for vitamin A as well...
  • and electrolytes

I should have the results in a few days, so I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, she's told me to avoid lactose.... honestly..... Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we are doing our own Thanksgiving on Saturday. I'll be good except on those days ;-)