Even plain ol' water bothers me

So, since I've developed all these allergies, I've noticed that when I get out of the shower - even if I only rinse with water and don't get my hair wet - I get a few small / medium size splotches on my back. There's a little raised bump in the middle and it goes away after 10 minutes. I thought I was going insane. It's just water. (I know there's a girl who's allergic to water but come on, I couldn't be girl #2, right?)

I asked my dermatologist who specializes in allergies (Dr. Scheman) and he said that yes, I can have a skin reaction to water and water alone.

Sweet, right?

So, he didn't say that I'm allergic to it. He said keeping the water cooler will help, but didn't have any other suggestions. Now that I look back on it, I think maybe he knew that since there's so much stuff in our water - like chlorine - I could easily have a mild reaction here or there.

THEN the other day, I discovered these awesome shower heads from Gaiam that balance PH levels and eliminate chlorine! Definitely putting these on my wish list :-)

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