Avoiding synthetic fabrics: Coat edition

I don't know about you, but it's been coooold here lately. Developing allergies to synthetic fabrics all of a sudden kind of left me at a loss for what to do during the winter.... I live close to the lake... I have a dog to walk (and I always plan to) ... For a lack of better words, the weather can suck at times. I ended up finding a coat about a year ago at The Natural Store which they don't offer anymore buuut you can find it here!! I added some extra lining to it - I bought some solid black flannel cotton fabric at a craft store and took it to my tailor. I also had to buy a much bigger size at the time (that's all they had), so by the end of it, I ended up spending a lot of money (a bit under $400) but I do indeed have a very warm coat now. It was worth it. When I ordered it, I was wondering how warm that hood would be since it's so open, but you know what? It keeps in a LOT of heat! I was pleasantly surprised.

Next are a couple other options I've come across. With both of them, you'll have to remove the lining and replace it since it's synthetic, but trust me - it really is worth it. And it's hard to find a thick coat that's 100% cotton - in my experience anyways. It's just not something very warm coats seem to be made out of these days. For my business look during the day, I have a black double breasted jacket (without the belt and more of a Beatles look than the photo below) which I had the polyester lining ripped out of. I had them re-line it with more of that solid black flannel cotton fabric. It's actually really comfy. So far, the weather has dipped down to the high 20's and for the car ride to work, it does the job.