A reader's thanks for aiding in her discovery of PG laden items inside her home

  This is THE most awesome thing about having this blog: I get to help people :-) Here's an e-mail I received from a reader:

"I have been diagnosed with a propylene glycol skin allergy.  I have had bowel and vaginal problems all of my life, I am looking for information on propylene glycol food allergies, symptoms, and lists of foods that contain them. I am 60 years old.  I have had irritable bowel for over 30 years.  I also have vaginal lichen planus which is an autoimmune disease.  It causes pain and dryness in my vagina, sex is almost impossible.  After I started reading your blog and looked at the links I made a horrific discovery.  Although I do have some of the skin things like having my arm turn red a giving my dog a bath with a health store brand shampoo and had trouble breathing after inhaling a bathroom disinfectant spray laced with PG, I have had food allergies all of my life and many of the items on these pages were the same items.

I have reflux, arthritis and recently two back surgeries.  Turns out the Tylenol that I live on and another med I take is laced with PG.  This past week I have been so sick to my stomach, headaches, dry mouth, burning tongue and constant belching.  I got sick the other night after eating a banana and remembered that sometimes they spray bananas with PG so that they don't ripen.  Also I have been troubled drinking milk all of my life, the information about the cows being sprayed with PG really interested me. I decided to to check all of the stuff I use and found that many of the creams, mouth wash, and foods also had it.  I have stopped two of the meds until Monday when I talk to my gastro, hoping that some of the symptoms will calm down.  Thanks so much, you have really brightened my day."