One reader's PG allergy leads to the discovery of her possible phenoxyethanol allergy

"When I first figured out I was allergic to PG, I read online that Burt’s Bees products would all be great. So I loaded up on them after reading the labels, and I thought I had it made! But a few days later, I was having some pretty bad reactions to some of them. I had also purchased a few other “paraben free, phthalate-free” products, and I was reacting to some of those as well. I narrowed it down to phenoxyethanol, but I could not really understand it. I thought these products were all natural. A few weeks ago I stumbled across an old post by someone online with a PG allergy. She complained she was allergic to some Burt’s Bees products, but she had not figured out why. Based on my own experience and further research, I believe she was also reacting to the phenoxyethanol. This is the most common problem I have with beauty products, from shampoo and hairspray to moisturizer and makeup. The only over-the-counter line of products I have found that consistently does not contain it is the Neutrogena Naturals. Oddly enough, they also claim to be “petrochemical free”." Definitely something to store in the back of your mind if you have a Propylene Glycol allergy!


This is actually from the same reader who posted about how she discovered her PG allergy in the first place. *Hi Cynthia!