So, what is it people?! Is propylene glycol good or bad?

I just HAD to post this because I just stumbled across this and it makes me SO MAD. I get tired of how PG is used in EVERYTHING and none of the "powers that be" seem to be concerned.

One of my readers told me to Google "propylene glycol and dairy cows" and it's just ridiculous. I haven't even finished researching it yet because I'm so annoyed and I'm writing this post. They feed it to cows to increase milk yield. I urge you to Google it!

And then THIS is what made me mad - the conflicting things between the actual Propylene Glycol website saying:

"Accordingly, there is

  • no official hazard classification or labelling of propylene glycol, and
  • propylene glycol is not listed "negatively" in any country of the EU"

And then when I read about PG and dairy cows, I read THIS:

"PG has some side effects including ataxia, salivation, hyperventilation, and depression."

Excuse me for using foul language, but WTF? COME ON. This chemical is being used in so many different types of products that we use every. single. day.