Having a Propylene Glycol Allergy & Styling your hair

This can be a tough one when you have curly/wavy hair. I've been on the same hair routine for a year and a half and it seems to be working for me so far. I don't use a conditioner because I'm simply trying to avoid using a high number of products. Someone who filled in for my hair stylist one day told me that I can mash up an avocado and leave it in my hair, wrap my hair in a towel for 5 minutes and rinse it out. It's supposed to condition beautifully. I was going to try it, but the avocado ended up going bad before I could put it in my hair aaaaand I haven't bought another one yet. Woops.

Here are the products I use:

Imageclick here for the hairspray

click here for the styling creme


I use the nitrile gloves because there's still a little bit of fragrance in the products and I don't want to slather that all over my skin every day because they don't tell us the actual ingredients in the "fragrance" - just like how they don't have to list what extracts are made of. A lot of the time, extracts have PG in them. Also, I usually have a little dermatitis on my fingers or hands and I don't want to irritate it further with any sort of chemicals or even any food. When I cook dinner, I wear them because I don't like to add all those extra factors to the well being of my skin. I've never been able to get all of my skin completely clear at one time, so I don't like to push my luck.


And here is my routine:

  1. Wash hair with Prell and rinse
  2. Lightly wring hair out and wrap head in a towel for a minute or two
  3. Brush
  4. Put on gloves
  5. Put a quarter size dollop of Pantene Styling Creme in your hands, rub together and run your fingers through all of your hair
  6. Flip head over and dry for 30 seconds on low heat, medium speed and with a diffuser attachment
  7. Flip head back over and part hair
  8. Twist small sections of hair around your fingers starting with the front and then the top layer. Do the underside last
  9. Spray all over with Tresemme Ultra Fine Mist Hairspray
  10. Dry with hair dryer for 15 seconds on low heat, low speed with no diffuser attachment while aiming down the hair shaft

And TA-DAA my hair looks like this:


Hi guys! This is the first photo I've posted on here in which you can actually see my whole face :-)

Click on the photos to go head on over to the product page. Also, please share your hair routines that have helped your skin get better!

Hope this helps!