Avoiding synthetic fabrics in Tampons


Yeah, I said it. Sorry for any guys that may have stumbled across this post!

Part of figuring out what you're allergic to involves paying attention to the cycles your skin is going through. So, I noticed that around "that time" of the month, my fingers would get worse. They would look like this but way worse.

I had already stumbled across my skin reacting to polyester bed sheets, so I looked at the box and sure enough, there was polyester in my tampons... so annoying. At Whole Foods, I found the Seventh Generation 100% cotton variety that has a cardboard applicator and they're only about $5. Love em and they're not horrible price wise!

Click here to go to their product site.

Even cooler: You can order them HERE on Drugstore.com and have them automatically shipped to you every 30 days. AW YEAH. No more shlepping it out to Whole Foods just for tampons.