PG - Free Sugar Body Scrubs

Lookie what I found!! I've never seen anything THIS cute and PG - FREE!

The Lavender Mint is calling my name! I would definitely be buying some of this stuff if it weren't for the oils (I'm only supposed to have extra virgin or expeller pressed oils due to my gallate allergy) and the coloring is a problem for me as well. For anyone that's only dealing with a PG allergy, let me know what you think of these products if you try them! The store DOES state that they love custom orders, so maybe they could figure something out for me...?

These would be perfect as gifts for someone with a PG allergy and the holidays ARE right around the corner, you know. Most people have no idea how incredibly annoying that allergy is, and getting a super cute gift like this means a LOT.


Image All of these goodies are from an Etsy store called Bungalow Bath & Body. Check them out!