An interesting comment about Polyethylene Glycol allergies

This is what I love about this platform that I have here on my blog: we all get wonderfully helpful tips! Check out what one of my Pinterest followers had to say about Polyethylene Glycol. My allergy (as I'm told) is to Propylene Glycol and my patch test specialist stressed that PEG and PG are indeed two different ingredients. If you have a Polyethylene Glycol allergy, though, this is important!! Thanks again for commenting Amber! Hopefully we can all really help each other and others get through the insanely aggravating times caused by our allergies!

Amber Dennis

"Unfortunately, it's not polyethylene glycol-free. Steareth 100 is another name for PEG (polyethylene glycol). You can't make a stick deodorant without some sort of glycol ingredient. It's awful that they can hide it like that and then appeal to people who, if they use it will likely also develop a sensitivity to PEG as well - MUCH harder to deal with."

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*fingers crossed that I don't develop a PEG allergy. Anyone know of a chemical-free deodorant that works?