Avoiding Propylene Glycol: Daily Makeup Products

I recently got an e-mail from somebody who also has a PG allergy. She was wondering what I use for makeup and is still trying to get her skin to clear up, poor thing! She said it feels and looks like her skin is burnt all the time. I directed her to the chart I use to decide which body / hair / etc. products I can use: (update - unfortunately, this brochure was taken down by the owner of the site).

And here are the makeup products I use on a daily basis.... Looking at it like this, it looks like a lot, but I swear it doesn't look like a lot when it's on my face!


From the lop left and going clockwise:

powder to set the foundation: Covergirl Trublend Minerals

eyebrow definer: Covergirl - it's the black/brown color. Sorry, I don't know much bc it's so worn down!

eyeshadow: RevlonColorStay Mineral Eye Shadow, Maybelline Eyestudio

eyeliner: L'Oreal - color: 920 Lush Raven (I apply it with the angled brush after applying my eyeshadow)

foundation: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless with SPF 22

blush: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends

mascara: Almay One Coat - Thickening

Together, these products even out any uneven skin tone on my face and make my eyes look like this:


I Just recently added a "Propylene Glycol Free" board on my Pinterest page, which I'll be adding many more items to: pinterest.com/allergista