Did you know disposable razors are nickel laden?

True story. And that poses a giant problem for any female trying to stay hairless. So your options are either waxing (expensive and you have to let the hair grow out in between visits) or trying to find a nickel free option. At this point, I still haven’t found a disposable razor that’s nickel free, much less one that’s also free of that moisturizing strip companies like to put on. So, here’s how I make it work. I use a couple products from Panasonic. THANK YOU Panasonic, by the way. Life would suck without you.

This one is good for underarms. It’s battery operated, wet/dry and only $20. I recommend buying a new one every year as it ends up becoming dull and irritating after a while.


THIS is an epilator (pulls the hair out of your skin) and is good for legs:


It has a detachable cord that you use to charge it and is also wet/dry. There are two head attachments – an epilator head and a shaving head. The shaving one is good for legs and bikini. The epilator actually pulls hair out from the roots. It DOES work, however, it’s pretty time consuming. As far as how it feels, it feels like really slow waxing, but I got used to the feeling pretty quickly. I don’t really use it that much bc I don’t have an hour to dedicate to it all the time. I suggest you pop in a movie and sit on a towel if you want to give it a go. If you’ve got no other choice, though – it’s a savior!

If you dont' feel like ripping the hair out, check out this Panasonic Wet/Dry Shaver:


For any stray hairs, I use these great tweezers:


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I've started a petition to have nickel-free disposable razors created! Please CLICK HERE to sign!