Bravo, Frito Lay!

As I was paroozing the snacks in the kitchen at work, I found one with no chemical preservatives and no hydrogenated oils! Image


Frito Lay actually stopped using hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated years back! They rock.

Hydrogenated oil is created when hydrogen gas is forced into oil at a high pressure. This process turns the oil into Trans Fat and Saturated Fat - the bad kinds. The more dense the oil, the more hydrogenated it is. Classic examples of hydrogenated oils are Crisco and margarine.

Stick to expeller pressed olive oils, sunflower oil or regular ol' butter - unsalted, that is. The extra salt is completely unneccesary and choosing the unsalted kind allows you to regulate the amount of salt in your food. Too much salt contributes to heart disease AND out of all the countries in the world, the U.S. has the highest salt content in out food. It's definitely ok to scale it back.