Avoiding Plastics: Laminate Countertops

You're probably thinking, "Huh? Why? Why would you avoid laminate countertops?" Well, I had a patch of Dermatitis on the underside of my right wrist that would NOT go away. Then I started paying attention to everything that area of my skin was touching. I finally linked it up - that was the exact spot of my wrist that would rest on the counter while I was using my mouse. I wasn't using a mouse pad, so I knew that couldn't be it. So, I covered that part of the desk with paper, taped it down, and gave it a week. Sure enough, the patch of Dermatitis disappeared! Turns out there's a lot of polyester in laminate and my skin HATES polyester. So, how do you deal with being allergic to laminate counter tops when practically every workplace uses laminate covered desks? Who would want to limit themselves and NOT take on a new job because of your stupid desk? Nobody. And who wants to be uncomfortable every second of the day while they're obsessively trying not to touch their desk? Trust me, it's not fun. Not touching your desk all day... it's way harder than you'd think...

So, what's the solution?

Cover your desk in glass!

One of my bosses was ultra awesome and paid to have mine done. He said it was pretty cheap too. He called up a glass place, they cut two pieces of glass to the measurements of my desktop, and then they packaged it up for us and all we had to do was plop it on my desk.

It's funny - because now people at work are jealous of my desk ;-)