Trader Joe's: Grocery Savior



Being allergic to hydrogenated oils, preservatives, and propylene glycol can make it reeeeally difficult to do things like order pizza or shop in the typical grocery store. If you’re lucky, you have an organic grocery store near you. I have Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. But as we all know, if you walk into Whole Foods and sneeze, that will cost you $20. It’s just way too expensive. Trader Joe’s is the solution! I can buy a week’s worth of groceries for two people there for about $130. They’ve banned hydrogenated oils and chemical preservatives from their store, which makes shopping SO much easier for me. So, visit their site at and see if there’s one located near you! They also have recipes on their site that will give you great dinner ideas. Not to mention their organic, yet super cheap red wine (called Well Read)! Love it.

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