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Dang!!! It’s all I can say before I start a Loooong story how I found out about my eczema and allergies.

I can’t express enough the frustration I feel and the empathy for everyone that has to deal with it.

I knew I was allergic to nickel when I was 16 and got my ears pierced. It never healed properly and it blistered like a mofo. I didn’t think much of it except wear better jewelry. I didn’t realize (like many of us) how many things contain nickel. 😳

My allergies: Nickel, palladium chloride, shellfish, bees and last but not least, sulfa medications (this one is a doozy) I ended up with Steven Johnson Syndrome with this fella. 🙄

I was told by my allergist NOT to eat veggies out of a can (yep, true story) be careful with foods that contain nickel. YES! You heard it correctly FOOD! He also warned me about belt buckles, jeans snaps, keys, bucles on shoes. Good God, will I ever leave my house again? On the bright side I could just wear yoga pants and flip flops without a bra for the rest of my life 🤔

I’m a lady barber, I come in contact with A LOT of metal... 💩

I’m trying to figure out how to go about that. Lol it isn’t easy, that’s for sure.

Up until I read the thread, I didn’t realize about makeup. That’s insane!

I can tell you about tattoos though. I had a horrific reaction to my tattoos, yes, multiples. Be super careful and tell your artist about your nickel allergy. If he/she is a responsible artist, he/she will do a patch test on your skin with the colors you want to use.

thanks for the info everyone!
— Mia Hall

Hi, Mia!

Wow, being a hair dresser with nickel allergy can't be easy! Scissors, hair pins, combs/brushes... and probably other things I can't even think of... I definitely recommend a nickel testing kit (my fav is in my product guide) and purchasing from a hair accesory place with a good return policy. 

Isn't it crazy how much nickel creeps into food? People with nickel allergy should absolutely do their fair share of research on nickel in food.

You know, I feel like yoga pants, flip flops and no bra sounds like a good idea lol! Thank you sharing the nickel allergy / tattoo information. Finding a responsible artist you trust is definitely key.

Good luck in your journey, Mia!



Product Review: Crunchy Balm And The Benefits of Tallow


Until Crunchy Organics reached out to me, I'd never heard of tallow balm. I had no idea what it was. As it turns out, it's beef or mutton fat! After my very positive experience with emu oil, I decided to give tallow a shot. I love animals and if we're going to include them in our diet, all parts of the animal should be used. Tallow balm is just one of many ways to utilize animal fat.

A giant thank you to Crunchy Organics, by the way! I'm happy to announce that they're a new affiliate of mine! I'm looking forward to trying more of their products in the future ;-)

I was also very happy to receive not just one balm, but two! I got the unscented kind as well as "Sweet Girl":


What are the benefits of tallow balm for the skin?

It's a saturated fat. Since our cell membranes are 50% fatty acid, it's important to maintain a healthy amount of fat... especially in the skin, our largest organ. Some other benefits:

  • anti-cancer
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antimicrobial
  • smooths the skin
  • slows the loss of water
  • promotes healing

Not too shabby, am I right? I gave Crunchy Balm a shot for two weeks.

Here's what I thought:

8 Different Types of Eczema

Being a graphic designer, it only made sense for me to make an infographic for this website. And this was a lot of fun!

Eczema isn't a one size fits all sort of thing. There's more than one type.

Which kind do you have?

Post up in the comments!

Are there any other infographics you'd like to see? I'd love to hear your suggestions.


Product Review: Cottonique Socks from The Eczema Company


Let me tell you something: Polyester allergy isn't easy. It makes finding socks incredibly annoying. Every sock I own, I've had to buy online. Never once have I found a sock in-store that's 100% cotton or free of polyester. 

It shouldn't be that difficult! I get it, though... polyester was brought into mainstream fashion to make clothing more durable and stretchy. It works. Just not for me.

Because of this, The Eczema Company sent me a pair of Cottonique socks and I happily tried them for a couple weeks. Giant thanks to The Eczema Company! You guys rock :-)

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The shop owner, Jennifer,  read my mind when she sent me tall black socks. I've been needing some! Most of my socks are the really short, athletic kind. Not only are these 100% cotton, but they're also:

  • Elastic-Free
  • Spandex & Latex Free
  • Formaldehyde Free
  • Bleach Free
  • Chlorine Free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 100% Organic Cotton

And great for:

Here's what I thought: